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Chengdu Shu Ling Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in May 1997, Shu Ling from 1997 development so far, has gone through nearly 20 years, accompanied by sunshine after the wind and rain of Shu Ling, now step by step towards the international arena.

Safe, reliable, honest, rigorous work attitude is the firm survival law of Shu ling. Shu Ling always pay attention to the market situation and make rational positioning, innovation, energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency concept, application cycle, recovery and separation technology focused on the production process and product of four silicon chloride breakthrough innovation; R & D, production and marketing in one, is closely related with the organic silicon, optical communication, such as semiconductors, is facing the global downstream industry chain is stable, efficient and high-quality supplier sustainable. The company is committed to the whole process, a full range of services to customers and seek win-win situation.

Shu Ling is a high-tech enterprises in Sichuan Province, is a national new material industrial park in Sichuan province is the strategic emerging demonstration enterprises, located in Sichuan Province, Chengdu City, Xinjin China Tianfu new material industrial park; Shu Ling based raw materials, energy, new materials industry, based on modern new silicon materials technology research and development as the core, follow reduction, reuse and resource development principles, to create the world's four chlorinated silicon production technology and circular economy demonstration benchmark.


Homeland platform dream

Home: the basis of everyone's life, is the cause of relying on, is the rest of the harbor. The meaning of "Shu Ling" is the common home for all employees to work and study, and to pursue happiness and realize the value of the spiritual paradise.

Platform: Shu Ling company has always focused on training and improving the quality of employees, for each employee to create, provide self value, self display ability of the stage.

Dream: we should remember the spirit of Shu Ling in mind, into the blood, the enterprise dream for my dream, persistent dream! Life is not waiting for the glory, only out of the wonderful. Tomorrow's wonderful needs, we go to fight, let us fly our dream in our own work, where we can harvest our hope. Realize the dream of Shu Ling, our dream.

High purity fine reproduction

High purity: it is a symbol of quality, a sign of high end, and a pursuit of Shu Ling people.

Fine: the devil is in the details, the details determine success or failure.

Reengineering: the promotion of ability and self perfection.

  • 1997

    In 1997, the establishment of the Chengdu Shu Ling Trade Development Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in organic silicon, silica, optical communication technology and industry products and services, the accumulation of precipitation rich industry experience and high-quality customer resources, through the years with Germany, Japan and the United States trade, forming a mature and reliable sales channels, occupation the stable market share.

  • 2007

    In 2007, the company changed its name to Chengdu Shu Ling Technology Development Co., Ltd., began to engage in four silicon chloride production technology research and development and utilization.

  • 2009

    In 2009, the successful development of four silicon chloride low temperature hydrogenation technology, 2010 invention and utility model patents.

  • 2012

    In 2012, four silicon chloride production line was set up in Xinjin new material park.

  • 2015

    At the beginning of 2015, it was put into production and demonstration line, and successfully produced high-purity four silicon chloride, which filled the technical blank of the production of high-purity four silicon chloride in the world.

  • 2017

    The first line demonstration project was completed and put into operation in 2017, laying the foundation of the connection strategy.